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I am a compassionate Reiki practitioner sharing my passion to put Reiki into the "hands" of the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

Through my personal journey of hearing loss, I have been a children's Sign Language teacher certified through Signing Time Academy.

I am a writer advocating for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. My future vision is to take what I learn practicing at ReikiSpace and Learning place under mentorship of Rickie Meryl Freedman to create an accessibile Reiki center on the West Coast.

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joyce edmiston

What is Reiki
by Joyce Edmiston

We are born to instinctively heal ourselves. What is the first thing we do when we get hurt? We place our hand on the injury.  People with headaches often reach up and place a hand on their head. A person with a back ache reaches their hands around to their back. When a child falls and skins their knee, they cup their hand over their knee.

We instinctively use energy, to aid in our own healing. We also reach out with our hands to others who are hurting to ease and comfort their distress.

When you join the flames of two candles together, the flame becomes one, burning brighter and higher. When you hold hands with someone, the coldest hand becomes warmer from the energy emitted from the warmer. A dead car battery charges from the energy of another car when linked with battery cables.

Higher energy lends itself to helping lower energy rise.

Our bodies are energy. Everything around us is energy. We draw energy in order to live by what we eat, what we drink and what we breathe. Energy creates energy. Medical science can now measure how energy lends itself to healing.

Throughout all the religions and most philosophies, the same themes are shared.  Peace and happiness are good for us. These emotions are measured at higher frequencies than sadness and despair. The higher the vibration, the healthier we are.

When we share Reiki, we raise our vibration. Raising our vibration aids in releasing stress and tension. Releasing stress and tension empowers healing and restoration to take place.

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where I post ideas and my own personal experience of losing my hearing

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Beacuse I have hearing loss, please contact me via email xpressivehandz@hotmail.com to schedule an appointment.

I am currently practicing at ReikiSpace & Learning Place
2793 Old Post Road, Suite 10, Harrisburg, PA 17110.